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Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a professional content marketer and the founder of Antarsia Marketing. He graduated from Berry College in 2014 with a degree in Journalism, which helps him avoid fake or misleading data and information while doing research for clients.

After graduating, Paul briefly worked at a local newspaper as a copy editor before diving headfirst into content marketing. While he spent much of his career writing content for various law firms, including some of the largest in the nation, Paul loves writing for small businesses to help them grow their reach.

Paul’s love for research helps him write high-quality, authoritative content for clients in every industry. From high-level medical research to learning how belts are made, he can take any information and make unique content from it in the voice his client needs.

When he’s not working, Paul hangs out with his cat, bakes bread and works on what he believes will be the next Great American Novel (though he’ll probably never finish it). He can often be found arguing about the nuances of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and other fictional universes. Paul lives in Atlanta, GA.

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